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  在日常生活或是工作学习中,大家都不可避免地要接触到作文吧,°,作文是从内部言语向外部言语的过渡,°°,即从经过压缩的.简要的、自己能明白的语言,°°°,向开展的、具有规范语法结构的、能为他人所理解的外部语言形式的转化。一篇什么样的作文才能称之为优秀作文呢?下面是小编帮大家整理的My Family英语作文,希望对大家有所帮助。

  Hello! Everyone. Here’s a photo of my family.

  Look! the girl in red is myself. I’m Gu Tingyan. My English name is Wendy. Please call me Wendy, because I like it. I’m tall and thin. My eyes are big. My hair is short. I like reading, skating, drawing and English. I’m very clever. I’m the top student in my class. All the teachers and classmates like me and I like them, too.

  the man on the right is my father. He is also very tall. He’s handsome. He always wears a pair of glasses. My father is an English teacher of middle school. Sometimes we learn English together. My father likes basketball. He is good at it. He always plays basketball with his workmates.

  the woman on the left is my mother. In my eyes, she’s very beautiful. She is tall, too. My mother has a round face, two big eyes and a small nose. Her hair is long. My mother is a doctor. She works very hard. She likes smiling. She’s very kind. I think my mother is a good housewife. She can make delicious dinner and she can do the housework well. Sometimes I help her.

  I have a happy family. I like my father and my mother.

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